Caleb Frostman

$767,612Total Contributions
$764,139Total Expenditures

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$418,250.62 Left Hook Communications ENTITY
$209,136.23 Democratic Party of Wisconsin - Seg Fund ENTITY
$87,218.15 State Senate Democratic Comm - Seg Fund ENTITY
$17,549.25 Stones Phones ENTITY
$13,300.00 Strategy Group for Media ENTITY
$5,657.08 Actblue Wisconsin ENTITY
$2,050.00 Ngp Van Inc ENTITY
$1,925.90 Gaumer Hutchison Denise ENTITY
$1,750.00 One Vote at a Time Wisconsin ENTITY
$795.29 Fls Banners Ltd ENTITY
$791.89 Human Rights Campaign Federal ENTITY
$651.83 Grohskopf Kevin ENTITY
$587.01 Democracy Engine LLC ENTITY
$534.75 Sierra Club ENTITY
$415.80 Wisconsin Progress PAC ENTITY
$368.00 Citizen Action of Wisconsin Inc ENTITY
$281.88 Wilson aj ENTITY
$281.87 Tyre Scott ENTITY
$258.00 Citizen Action of Wisconsin PAC ENTITY
$208.20 Walmart ENTITY
$200.00 Lawton Barbara ENTITY
$200.00 Mcmahon Angie ENTITY
$184.90 Target ENTITY
$175.10 Duffin Jacinda ENTITY
$173.00 Hunsader Brad ENTITY