Brad Schimel

$2,218,277Total Contributions
$2,359,853Total Expenditures

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Total Contributions
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$168,084.00 Republican Party of Wisconsin - Seg Fund ENTITY
$44,000.00 Republican Attorneys General Association Federal ENTITY
$34,500.00 Realtors PAC - Wisconsin ENTITY
$20,000.00 Diane M Hendricks INDIVIDUAL
$20,000.00 Richard Holson III INDIVIDUAL
$17,500.00 Richard Uihlein INDIVIDUAL
$15,000.00 Anne L Merkel INDIVIDUAL
$15,000.00 Robert Merkel INDIVIDUAL
$12,000.00 Dennis J Klein INDIVIDUAL
$12,000.00 Donald F Kress INDIVIDUAL
$12,000.00 Wayne Gardner INDIVIDUAL
$10,000.00 Barbara A Michels INDIVIDUAL
$10,000.00 Connie Michels INDIVIDUAL
$10,000.00 Elizabeth Uihlein INDIVIDUAL
$10,000.00 Kevin P Michels INDIVIDUAL
$10,000.00 Koch Industries Inc PAC Federal ENTITY
$10,000.00 Miriam Adelson INDIVIDUAL
$10,000.00 Peter C Farrow INDIVIDUAL
$10,000.00 Richard E Clack INDIVIDUAL
$10,000.00 Sheldon Adelson INDIVIDUAL
$10,000.00 Tim Michels INDIVIDUAL
$9,700.00 John Martin Silseth INDIVIDUAL
$9,500.00 Russell Darrow Jr INDIVIDUAL
$9,500.00 Tim Pederson INDIVIDUAL
$9,000.00 Kathryn M Burke INDIVIDUAL