Political Action Committees

$188,404,372Total Contributions
$168,710,322Total Expenditures
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Total Expenditures
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Actblue Virginia $38,864,163.22$38,861,830.47
Democratic Party of Virginia $19,624,449.49$18,270,594.74
House Democratic Caucus $11,937,800.14$11,857,899.84
Republican Party of Virginia Inc $10,408,624.80$10,346,552.22
Dominion Energy Inc PAC - Virginia $7,250,000.00$6,697,750.00
Clean Virginia Fund $7,182,102.71$6,657,475.71
Working for Working Americans $4,984,809.05$250,000.00
Republican State Leadership Committee $3,810,508.65$98,500.00
Republican Commonwealth Leadership PAC (Formerly Majority Leader PAC) $3,697,705.00$3,419,642.09
United Association Political Issues Fund $3,527,087.00$2,212,722.00
Energized for Change PAC $3,467,685.06$3,246,475.07
House Republican Campaign Committee $3,246,217.28$1,619,484.90
Common Good Virginia $3,067,219.70$2,689,666.10
Vote Yes Richmond Wins! $2,605,888.38$2,082,993.68
Virginia League of Conservation Voters-PAC $2,547,911.15$2,420,891.05
Fairmapsvirginia $2,434,417.73$2,409,751.16
Planned Parenthood Virginia PAC $1,958,649.97$1,890,269.92
Realtors PAC of Virginia $1,917,547.69$1,665,186.05
American Property Casualty Insurance Association Political Account $1,874,527.00$41,800.00
Mid-Atlantic Laborers' Political Education Fund $1,836,015.61$3,125,633.87
Commonwealth Forward $1,658,054.63$1,500,249.79
VA Automobile and Truck Dealers PAC $1,343,850.17$800,379.09
Women Speak Out Virginia - 2021 $1,342,000.00$1,272,000.00
The Way Ahead $1,258,169.51$1,428,615.26
Vote Yes for Bristol $1,255,191.36$1,198,600.00