Mid-Atlantic Laborers' Political Education Fund
Virginia Political Action Committee
$101,373Cash on Hand
$2,628,889Total Contributions
$2,870,125Total Expenditures

This page displays the cumulative amounts paid to these persons and organizations by this political action committee.

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Total Expenditures
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$1,124,000.00 Laborers International Union of North America (Liuna) PAC ENTITY
$594,000.00 Clean Slate Baltimore PAC ENTITY
$450,000.00 Common Sense PAC ENTITY
$226,713.00 Indigo Strategies ENTITY
$212,500.00 Ralph Northam ENTITY
$45,000.00 Mark Herring ENTITY
$22,500.00 Democratic Party of Virginia ENTITY
$10,000.00 Common Good VA ENTITY
$10,000.00 Michael P. Mullin ENTITY
$8,325.00 Tyler Group Staffing LLC ENTITY
$7,000.00 Cheryl Turpin ENTITY
$7,000.00 Kelly Convirs-Fowler ENTITY
$7,000.00 Larry Barnett ENTITY
$7,000.00 Schuyler VanValkenburg ENTITY
$7,000.00 Shelly Simonds ENTITY
$6,000.00 Baltimore City Sitting Judges Committee ENTITY
$6,000.00 Catherine E Pugh Campaign ENTITY
$5,000.00 Bernard C Young Campaign ENTITY
$5,000.00 Betsy Gardner Campaign ENTITY
$5,000.00 Brandon M Scott Campaign ENTITY
$5,000.00 Brian Hammock Campaign ENTITY
$5,000.00 Commonwealth Victory Fund ENTITY
$5,000.00 Edward L Reisinger Campaign ENTITY
$5,000.00 Eileen Filler-Corn ENTITY
$5,000.00 Eric Costello Campaign ENTITY