Dominion Leadership Trust PAC Inc
Virginia Political Action Committee
$6,124Cash on Hand
$2,078,722Total Contributions
$2,352,368Total Expenditures

This page displays the cumulative amounts paid to these persons and organizations by this political action committee.

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Total Expenditures
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$443,000.00 Heather Cordasco ENTITY
$200,000.00 Cooper and Kirk PLLC ENTITY
$188,807.00 Meeting Street Research LLC ENTITY
$183,596.10 Message Delivery Company ENTITY
$159,000.00 Delmar Group Inc ENTITY
$115,000.00 Subba Kolla ENTITY
$110,000.00 Colonial Leadership Trust PAC ENTITY
$80,800.00 Mike MaKee ENTITY
$80,000.00 Eddie Whitlock ENTITY
$65,000.00 Joseph Yost ENTITY
$62,900.00 Forest Consulting Services ENTITY
$58,500.00 Republican Party of Virginia Inc ENTITY
$52,058.48 I360 LLC ENTITY
$45,000.00 Virginia Reform PAC ENTITY
$40,668.86 Jefferson Hotel ENTITY
$39,826.60 Conquest Communications Group ENTITY
$38,000.00 Lolita Mancheno-Smoak ENTITY
$35,000.00 James LeMunyon ENTITY
$35,000.00 Poolhouse Agency LLC ENTITY
$32,500.00 Bob Marshall ENTITY
$32,000.00 James L Keady INDIVIDUAL
$30,000.00 Ron Villanueva ENTITY
$28,000.00 Rich Anderson ENTITY
$25,000.00 House Republican Campaign Committee ENTITY
$24,624.00 Arena Communications ENTITY