Political Action Committees

$189,494,214Total Contributions
$200,120,339Total Expenditures
PAC (Click to sort Ascending)Total Donations (Click to sort Ascending)Total Expenditures (Click to sort Ascending)
Texas REALTORS Political Action Committee $8,885,779.00$28,802,821.86
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC $8,317,709.83$4,820,893.96
Texas REALTORS Issues Mobilization PAC $7,920,947.61$16,410,561.53
BNSF Railway Company RAILPAC $3,422,833.25$437,879.64
Union Pacific Corp. Fund For Effective Government $3,174,968.68$635,398.66
Republican State Leadership Committee PAC and Individual Account $2,680,014.00$2,112,898.51
Associated Republicans of Texas Campaign Fund $2,617,261.31$2,537,032.06
Border Health PAC $2,617,103.56$2,573,849.47
United Services Automobile Association Employee PAC $2,586,434.41$756,959.47
Texas Medical Association Political Action Committee $2,337,839.90$1,464,078.38
Annie's List $2,310,753.39$1,936,963.21
Republican Party of Texas $2,206,276.05$2,670,781.11
Harris County Republican Party (CEC) $1,869,482.21$1,962,673.97
Battleground Texas $1,849,267.80$2,114,724.64
Texas Infrastructure Now $1,736,843.08$1,186,219.56
Valero Energy Corporation PAC $1,604,683.90$1,317,960.98
TOP Political Action Committee $1,552,053.97$1,399,303.53
ActBlue Texas $1,550,692.98$1,565,510.06
Economic Growth Committee $1,548,417.63$1,356,450.00
Texas Safety & Justice (DISSOLVED) $1,472,979.50$1,565,302.68
Empower Texans PAC (DISSOLVED) $1,389,269.10$2,615,824.15
Exelon Corporation Political Action Committee $1,336,311.89$1,314,242.56
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PAC $1,328,583.27$1,227,156.38
Texas Republican Party (P) $1,273,785.35$1,212,049.26
Centene Corporation Political Action Committee $1,217,948.95$197,600.00