Lift Up Houston PAC
Texas Political Action Committee
$42,884Cash on Hand
$1,467,030Total Contributions
$1,451,519Total Expenditures

This page displays the cumulative amounts paid to these persons and organizations by this political action committee.

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Total Expenditures
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$699,697.00 Grant Martin Campaigns dba Storefront Politics ENTITY
$139,378.50 Advantage Communications Group LLC ENTITY
$70,956.80 Department of US Treasury IRS ENTITY
$67,000.00 FM3 Research ENTITY
$53,549.31 Strong Strategies LLC ENTITY
$42,500.00 Campaign Strategies Inc ENTITY
$25,000.00 Keith Wade INDIVIDUAL
$22,234.55 Luke Tonat INDIVIDUAL
$19,600.00 Aspire Integrated Services ENTITY
$18,560.30 Alexander Desormiers INDIVIDUAL
$18,000.00 Hustle Inc ENTITY
$16,320.27 Aaron Fagley INDIVIDUAL
$15,731.78 Leslie Joy INDIVIDUAL
$12,405.00 Tracy Beavers INDIVIDUAL
$12,325.00 Milestone Financial Inc ENTITY
$11,620.66 Evan Theising INDIVIDUAL
$11,620.66 Katelyn Fairchild INDIVIDUAL
$11,620.66 Mark Goldenberg INDIVIDUAL
$11,620.66 Nicholas Starost INDIVIDUAL
$9,454.66 Corisha Rogers INDIVIDUAL
$9,454.66 Katherine Tobler INDIVIDUAL
$9,454.66 Seina Maret INDIVIDUAL
$9,312.30 Terrance Koontz INDIVIDUAL
$9,252.10 Amy Laube INDIVIDUAL
$6,711.41 Jonathan Hilbrands INDIVIDUAL