ActBlue Texas
Texas Political Action Committee
$249,913Cash on Hand
$18,566,847Total Contributions
$18,692,807Total Expenditures

This page displays the cumulative amount given by these donors to this political action committee during the selected election cycle.

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$125,000.00 Joe Liemandt INDIVIDUAL
$61,000.00 Morgan Cox INDIVIDUAL
$54,000.00 Kevin Rowe INDIVIDUAL
$51,500.00 Marguerite Steed Hoffman INDIVIDUAL
$48,000.00 Jack Martin INDIVIDUAL
$46,811.00 David Lee INDIVIDUAL
$45,000.00 Stephen J Davis INDIVIDUAL
$42,500.00 Randy Sparks INDIVIDUAL
$41,429.00 Peter Norris INDIVIDUAL
$40,500.00 Alan Metni INDIVIDUAL
$40,310.00 Michael & Sharon Young INDIVIDUAL
$40,000.00 Patty Quillin INDIVIDUAL
$39,000.00 Patsy Woods Martin INDIVIDUAL
$35,000.00 David Frederick Martinez INDIVIDUAL
$35,000.00 Miguel Fernandez INDIVIDUAL
$35,000.00 Rodrigo Fernandez INDIVIDUAL
$34,000.00 Lisa and Peter Kraus INDIVIDUAL
$33,700.00 Defeat Republicans PAC Federal INDIVIDUAL
$33,500.00 Lindsay Billingsley INDIVIDUAL
$32,100.00 Margery Loeb INDIVIDUAL
$31,000.00 Cecilia G and Garrett Boone INDIVIDUAL
$31,000.00 Glenn Graham INDIVIDUAL
$31,000.00 Melvin G Spinks INDIVIDUAL
$30,500.00 Karla Jurvetson INDIVIDUAL
$30,000.00 Jdb Towing LLC INDIVIDUAL