Texas Aero
$71,580Minimum Amount
$199,870Maximum Amount
Individual Lobbyist Activity

This page displays the individual prospective contracts this lobbyist client has agreed to pay these lobbyists this election cycle.

Lobbyist (Click to sort Ascending)Firm (Click to sort Ascending)Min Amount (Click to sort Ascending)Max Amount (Click to sort Ascending)Start (Click to sort Ascending)Stop (Click to sort Ascending)
Kelly Barnes consulting$46,580.00$93,149.9901/03/202112/31/2021
Kelly Barnes consulting$25,000.00$49,999.9901/31/202012/31/2020
Eddie Solis consultant$0.00$18,359.9901/03/202112/31/2021
Jay Howard consultant$0.00$18,359.9901/03/202112/31/2021
Eddie Solis consultant$0.00$9,999.9901/31/202012/31/2020
Jay Howard consultant$0.00$9,999.9901/31/202012/31/2020