NextEra Energy Resources LLC
$3,847,359Minimum Amount
$7,558,219Maximum Amount
Lobbyist Summary

This organization hires the lobbyists listed below to advocate for their interests in Austin. This organization is also listed as a payee when they are paid by a candidate or political action committee (PAC). View those transactions here.

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Max Amount
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C Michael Gregg Energy$718,800.00$1,274,839.86
Dan Pearson consultant$462,043.00$960,769.86
John B Scott $596,580.00$893,149.94
Trey J Blocker Attorney$575,000.00$799,999.95
Daniel Madru Consultant$393,150.00$786,299.93
Adam Leggett Leggett Public Affairs, LLC$190,370.00$380,739.97
Thomas D Williams Consultant$187,590.00$375,189.98
Deirdre Delisi Legislative Consulting$175,000.00$349,999.96
Bruce Scott Consultant$153,803.00$342,589.92
Jay Howard consultant$8.00$174,499.86
Neal T Jones Jr consultant$8.00$174,499.86
J McCartt consultant$6.00$154,499.88
Thomas Delisi Legislative Consulting$60,000.00$124,999.97
Carl S Richie Consultant$50,000.00$99,999.99
Jennifer Brown Emerson Lobby consultant$50,000.00$99,999.99
Robert E Johnson Jr Attorney$50,000.00$99,999.99
Allen E Blakemore Lobbyist$50,000.00$99,999.98
Drew DeBerry Public Affairs and Government Relations$35,000.00$74,999.98
Greg Macksood Government Relations$35,000.00$74,999.98
Margaret Ann Cardwell Attorney$35,000.00$74,999.98
Casey Haney Public Affairs Consultant$20,000.00$49,999.98
Mark E Williams Consultant$0.00$37,249.98
Susan Baumbach Ross Consultant$10,000.00$24,999.99
Amanda Montagne Martin Consultant$0.00$18,889.99
J E Buster Brown Lobby consultant$1.00$9,999.99