City of Lubbock
$187,590Minimum Amount
$579,800Maximum Amount
Lobbyist Summary

This organization hires the lobbyists listed below to advocate for their interests in Austin. This organization is also listed as a payee when they are paid by a candidate or political action committee (PAC). View those transactions here.

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Min Amount
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Max Amount
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Carol McGarah Consultant$187,590.00$375,189.98
Austin E Holder Consultant$0.00$37,249.98
Micah Anthony Rodriguez Attorney$0.00$37,249.98
Russell T Kelley Consultant$0.00$37,249.98
Sara Sachde Consultant$0.00$37,249.98
Victor F Mendoza Attorney$0.00$37,249.98
Ty H Embrey Attorney$0.00$18,359.99