Tilman & Paige Fertitta
$545,500Total Donations

This page displays the cumulative amount given by this donor to these individuals or organizations.

Total Donations (Click to sort Ascending)Candidate (Click to sort Ascending)PAC (Click to sort Ascending)
$200,000.00 Greg Abbott Texans for Greg Abbott
$100,000.00 Dan Patrick Texans for Dan Patrick
$50,000.00 Dade Phelan Phelan, Matthew M. (The Honorable)
$25,000.00 Glenn Hegar Hegar Jr., Glenn A. (The Honorable)
$5,000.00 Angela Paxton Paxton, Angela (The Honorable)
$5,000.00 Brandon Creighton Friends of Brandon Creighton
$5,000.00 Brian Birdwell Birdwell, Brian D. (The Honorable)
$5,000.00 Bryan Hughes Hughes, D. Bryan (The Honorable)
$5,000.00 Charles Schwertner Texans for Charles Schwertner
$5,000.00 Chuy Hinojosa Hinojosa, Juan (The Honorable)
$5,000.00 Dawn Buckingham Buckingham, Dawn C. (The Honorable)
$5,000.00 Donna Campbell Friends of Donna Campbell
$5,000.00 Drew Alan Springer Jr Springer Jr., Drew Alan (The Honorable)
$5,000.00 Joan Huffman Texans for Joan Huffman
$5,000.00 Judith Zaffirini Zaffirini, Judith (The Honorable)
$5,000.00 Kelly Hancock Texans for Kelly Hancock SPAC
$5,000.00 Lois Kolkhorst Kolkhorst, Lois W. (The Honorable)
$5,000.00 Nathan Johnson Johnson, Nathan M. (The Honorable)
$5,000.00 Robert Nichols Nichols, Robert Lee (The Honorable)
$2,500.00 Ana Hernandez Hernandez, Ana E. (The Honorable)
$1,500.00 Andy Murr Murr, Andrew S. (The Honorable)
$1,500.00 Armando L. Walle Jr. Walle Jr., Armando L. (The Honorable)
$1,500.00 Ben Leman Leman, Benjamin H. (The Honorable)
$1,500.00 Brad Buckley Buckley, Bradley L. (The Honorable)
$1,500.00 Briscoe Cain Cain, Briscoe R. (The Honorable)