$166,390,990Total Contributions
$98,770,983Total Expenditures
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Greg Abbott Governor of Texas$49,280,696.52$18,503,192.82
Beto O'Rourke $8,951,637.80$3,690,970.38
Dan Patrick Lieutenant Governor of Texas$8,825,905.41$2,482,866.74
Donald Huffines $7,580,196.71$7,081,753.98
Eva Guzman $5,278,492.74$2,689,475.46
George P Bush Texas Land Commissioner$5,061,479.07$2,667,707.67
Allen B West $3,154,175.60$1,383,080.26
Dade Phelan Texas House of Representatives District 21$2,908,469.69$2,559,297.96
Ken Paxton Attorney General of Texas$2,471,929.44$266,527.16
David Middleton II Texas House of Representatives District 23$2,339,323.00$563,405.38
Christi Craddick Texas Railroad Commission$2,059,829.48$741,760.06
Michael Collier $1,969,782.75$1,074,718.41
Glenn Hegar Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts$1,854,687.27$1,141,351.85
Dawn Buckingham Texas State Senate District 24$1,513,344.11$606,890.63
Kevin Sparks $1,265,609.80$463,159.61
Joe S Jaworski $1,131,215.21$1,035,402.70
Louis B. Gohmert Jr. $1,003,891.13$126,461.46
Phil King Texas House of Representatives District 61$999,846.08$226,901.66
Matthew Dowd $965,332.41$118,808.47
Tan Parker IV Texas House of Representatives District 63$898,274.24$322,592.49
Lee Merritt $833,441.51$474,484.60
Robert Nichols Texas State Senate District 3$830,069.88$481,709.73
Angela Paxton Texas State Senate District 8$803,974.40$278,442.79
Royce West Texas State Senate District 23$777,716.31$392,656.18
John Lujan III Texas House of Representatives District 118$749,633.48$255,432.29