Ken Paxton
Attorney General of Texas
$2,348,424Cash on Hand
$13,308,500Total Contributions
$17,460,484Total Expenditures

This page displays the cumulative amount given by these contributors to this candidate during the selected election cycle.

Total Contributions
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$100,000.00 Michael Porter Family Trust ENTITY
$100,000.00 Montgomery Bennett INDIVIDUAL
$100,000.00 Wasek ENTITY
$90,782.50 HillCo PAC ENTITY
$85,000.00 James Frinzi INDIVIDUAL
$83,500.00 Charles Dick & Amelia Saulsbury Sr INDIVIDUAL
$78,852.66 Terry LaCore INDIVIDUAL
$75,000.00 Brad E Cox INDIVIDUAL
$75,000.00 Clay Cooley Investments ENTITY
$75,000.00 Holloway Frost & Kathaleen Wall INDIVIDUAL
$75,000.00 Kent Aviation LLC ENTITY
$75,000.00 Texas REALTORS Political Action Committee ENTITY
$67,525.00 Greg Smith INDIVIDUAL
$65,000.00 H Gary Heavin INDIVIDUAL
$60,000.00 Mark Low INDIVIDUAL
$55,000.00 Aaron Symank INDIVIDUAL
$55,000.00 Monroe Jack & Randell Rathbone IV INDIVIDUAL
$54,500.00 Keith Orr INDIVIDUAL
$50,000.00 Bill Friedrichs INDIVIDUAL
$50,000.00 Carlos Manrique De Lara INDIVIDUAL
$50,000.00 Defend Liberty PAC ENTITY
$50,000.00 Don Dyer INDIVIDUAL
$50,000.00 Farris & JoAnn Wilks INDIVIDUAL
$50,000.00 H Ross Perot Jr INDIVIDUAL
$50,000.00 Heavin ENTITY