Greg Abbott
Governor of Texas
$38,688,163Cash on Hand
$274,197,107Total Contributions
$394,586,709Total Expenditures

This page displays the cumulative amount given by these contributors to this candidate during the selected election cycle.

Total Contributions
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$11,282,587.41 Greg Abbott ENTITY
$8,743,421.00 S Javaid Anwar INDIVIDUAL
$6,250,000.00 Jeff Yass INDIVIDUAL
$4,001,050.00 James D Pitcock Jr INDIVIDUAL
$4,000,000.00 RGA Right Direction PAC Federal ENTITY
$3,636,946.83 Michael & Mary Porter INDIVIDUAL
$3,525,000.00 Kenny A and Lisa Troutt INDIVIDUAL
$3,345,000.00 Edward Roski Jr INDIVIDUAL
$2,750,000.00 Kelcy L Warren INDIVIDUAL
$2,671,779.56 H Ross Perot Jr INDIVIDUAL
$2,437,365.16 Bobby Cox INDIVIDUAL
$2,413,378.56 Jay Graham INDIVIDUAL
$2,300,000.00 R Drayton McLane Jr INDIVIDUAL
$2,063,098.58 Melinda and Jeffery D Hildebrand INDIVIDUAL
$2,038,636.68 Paul L Foster INDIVIDUAL
$2,005,944.23 Ray L and Nancy Hunt INDIVIDUAL
$1,972,550.00 Gary H Martin INDIVIDUAL
$1,775,000.00 Kenneth Fisher INDIVIDUAL
$1,765,575.00 Tilman & Paige Fertitta INDIVIDUAL
$1,618,730.35 John L and Barbara Nau III INDIVIDUAL
$1,602,100.00 Terry and Bob Rowling INDIVIDUAL
$1,525,000.00 Arch Aplin III INDIVIDUAL
$1,525,000.00 Richard & Nancy Kinder INDIVIDUAL
$1,400,000.00 William Harris INDIVIDUAL
$1,283,618.70 Teri and Matt Andresen INDIVIDUAL