Political Action Committees

$417,902,915Total Contributions
$451,400,113Total Expenditures
PAC (Click to sort Ascending)Total Donations (Click to sort Ascending)Total Expenditures (Click to sort Ascending)
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 98 Committee on Political Education $12,755,548.64$7,779,343.47
PA Democratic Party $11,264,778.43$10,888,964.88
Environment America Action Fund $9,942,471.20$14,188,380.25
American Federation of Teachers, Afl-Cio Cope (Aft/cope) $9,370,832.90$11,464,833.70
House Republican Campaign Committee $9,200,636.23$9,173,082.88
RGA Pennsylvania 2018 PAC $8,314,247.08$7,505,279.51
Honeywell International PAC $8,160,320.13$8,453,475.56
DGA Victory Fund $7,721,005.00$7,715,058.07
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers PAC $7,578,093.54$7,719,770.35
Democracy for America - PA $7,033,410.90$7,652,450.29
Senate Republican Campaign Committee $6,872,904.13$6,580,364.23
A T & T Inc Fed PAC $6,766,809.68$4,934,985.73
Democratic Governors Association - PA $6,687,856.39$7,529,530.22
Pennsylvania House Democratic Campaign Committee $6,275,480.36$11,241,432.24
National Assoc of Letter Carriers of USA Pol Fund $6,253,424.18$9,438,164.43
The Boeing Company PAC $6,081,707.91$5,853,050.20
International Union of Painters and Allied Trades Political Action Together Political Committee $5,778,737.47$6,408,340.84
United Parcel Service Inc PAC $5,613,293.11$5,708,088.60
1199/seiu New York St Pol Act Fund $5,456,647.35$3,389,096.95
Greater PA Carpenters Pec $4,840,602.68$2,623,274.10
Democratic State Senate Campaign Committee $4,329,795.62$4,321,956.00
Nea Fund for Children and Public Education $4,298,878.85$3,472,645.90
PA Seiu Cope (Soc Svcs) $4,216,922.32$4,009,192.31
Communication Workers of America $4,110,645.98$1,389,462.03
Koch Industries, Inc Pac (Kochpac) $4,099,199.84$3,771,023.63