Political Action Committees

$377,419,548Total Contributions
$576,977,254Total Expenditures
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Total Expenditures
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Dnc Services Corp /Democratic National Committee $24,985,293.10$78,441,703.68
Students First PAC $22,020,000.00$22,405,038.04
Commonwealth Children's Choice Fund $21,319,067.86$23,779,502.97
Commonwealth Leaders Fund $21,130,345.60$28,260,911.98
PA Democratic Party $11,762,948.65$11,778,855.46
DGA Victory Fund $11,034,524.18$5,102,815.13
American Federation of Teachers, Afl-Cio Cope (Aft/cope) $8,723,288.85$10,005,555.91
Democratic Governors Association - PA $7,807,632.69$6,265,185.38
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 98 Committee on Political Education $6,462,332.09$4,387,000.30
House Republican Campaign Committee $6,236,210.66$2,958,685.51
Senate Republican Campaign Committee $5,032,524.31$5,122,398.98
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers PAC $4,561,316.66$5,417,022.58
Priorities USA Action $4,244,346.35$4,839,322.29
National Democratic Redistricting Committee $3,695,321.35$7,458,959.33
Republican State Committee of Pennsylvania $3,649,806.10$4,282,431.83
United Parcel Service Inc PAC $3,571,018.83$4,353,575.05
Com for a Better Tomorrow $3,504,207.03$3,181,880.16
Honeywell International PAC $3,275,348.06$3,132,620.03
Greater PA Carpenters PAC $3,236,525.57$6,057,764.93
The Boeing Company PAC $3,203,174.05$4,342,600.00
Nea Fund for Children and Public Education $3,203,135.89$3,105,362.48
PA Seiu Cope (Soc Svcs) $3,015,218.00$910,471.63
Put Pennsylvania First $3,000,000.00$2,992,408.00
Unitedhealth Group Incorporated PAC (Unitedhealth Group PAC) $2,991,977.65$3,483,497.28
The Presidential Coalition, Llc $2,947,626.80$7,698,387.32