Political Action Committees
$496,501,029Total Contributions
$561,511,072Total Expenditures
PAC (Click to sort Ascending)Total Donations (Click to sort Ascending)Total Expenditures (Click to sort Ascending)
Pennsylvania House Democratic Campaign Committee $21,682,559.09$22,082,209.26
Students First PAC $18,445,000.00$17,623,100.09
Commonwealth Children's Choice Fund $17,701,500.00$6,654,993.95
PA Democratic Party $17,171,306.79$16,444,776.62
American Federation of Teachers, Afl-Cio Cope (Aft/cope) $16,842,070.96$6,442,352.00
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 98 Committee on Political Education $12,083,804.82$7,522,316.53
House Republican Campaign Committee $10,276,057.42$9,843,021.07
Honeywell International PAC $7,852,926.81$7,759,235.32
Commonwealth Leaders Fund $7,483,375.26$7,338,280.31
Democratic State Senate Campaign Committee $7,273,070.05$7,037,923.67
Pennsylvania Fund for Change $7,235,540.00$7,093,778.47
Marsy's Law for Pennsylvania LLC $6,934,038.88$4,547,038.88
Rep State Com of PA $6,878,254.34$7,661,571.05
International Union of Painters and Allied Trades Political Action Together Political Committee $6,355,847.71$3,594,958.42
National Democratic Redistricting PAC $5,798,994.55$5,247,543.11
United Parcel Service Inc PAC $5,101,774.82$4,752,726.26
DGA Victory Fund $5,095,837.72$4,987,921.44
Democracy for America - PA $4,718,592.29$4,870,941.71
Laborers District Council PAC $4,705,990.97$3,887,264.11
A T & T Inc Fed PAC $4,669,965.52$4,736,067.45
Future Now Fund - Federal $4,649,403.98$4,540,813.00
Republican State Leadership Committee PAC & Individual Account $4,612,343.33$1,760,754.42
Unitedhealth Group Incorporated PAC (Unitedhealth Group PAC) $4,477,588.60$4,799,353.45
Dem Leg Camp Com $4,391,673.38$4,402,201.33
Build PA PAC $4,331,101.46$4,700,188.27