Yinz Vote PAC
Pennsylvania Committee
$16,932Total Contributions
$16,805Total Expenditures

This page displays the cumulative amount given by these contributors to this committee during the selected election cycle.

Total Contributions
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$2,395.00 Aggregated Unitemized Contributions INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Barry W Rush INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Eleanor B Emmons-Apt INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Jay Costa ENTITY
$500.00 Linda M West INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Nathaniel Lugtu Yap INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Rich Fitzgerald ENTITY
$500.00 Robert C Solomon INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Yael Schenker INDIVIDUAL
$300.00 Janet H Fesq INDIVIDUAL
$300.00 Progress PA PAC ENTITY
$250.00 Bill Peduto ENTITY
$250.00 Daniel Frankel ENTITY
$250.00 Ginny and Michael Gibbs ENTITY
$250.00 Mr Kenneth C Regal ENTITY
$250.00 Mr Ritchie L Tabachnick ENTITY
$250.00 Mr Susan E Gorham ENTITY
$250.00 Ms Ellen M Doyle ENTITY
$250.00 Ms Joan M Miles ENTITY
$250.00 Ms Kathleen Schneider ENTITY
$250.00 Ms Randi Marshak ENTITY
$200.00 Mr Clifford Chen ENTITY
$200.00 Mr Douglas L Root III ENTITY
$200.00 Ms Eileen Roberts ENTITY
$200.00 Ms Linda K Myers ENTITY