Lynn Edmonds

$15,318Total Donations
$646Total Expenditures

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$1,082.33 Richard Hall INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Christine Kushner ENTITY
$1,000.00 Elmer F Smith Jr INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Jim Martin 4 Schools ENTITY
$595.00 Aggregated Individual Contribution INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Beverley Clark INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Donna Bailey INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Mary Catharine Eberhart INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Pamela Mccall INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Susan Maruyama INDIVIDUAL
$460.00 Laura Kat Collins INDIVIDUAL
$423.50 Jodi Haire INDIVIDUAL
$350.00 Mary Ellen Longino INDIVIDUAL
$307.56 Lynn Smith Edmonds INDIVIDUAL
$250.00 Greg Ford INDIVIDUAL
$250.00 Heather Koons INDIVIDUAL
$250.00 Ken Howard INDIVIDUAL
$250.00 Lois Kohl Nixon INDIVIDUAL
$250.00 Patty Williams INDIVIDUAL
$250.00 Ruth Bromer INDIVIDUAL
$250.00 Teri Rouse INDIVIDUAL
$250.00 Timothy Tyson INDIVIDUAL
$250.00 Vickie Adamson INDIVIDUAL
$250.00 William Clifford II INDIVIDUAL
$200.00 Ernest Dollar INDIVIDUAL