Lee Warren

$15,540Total Donations
$14,270Total Expenditures

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Total Donations
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$1,000.00 C Jack Horne INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Charles E Horne INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Thomas Hank Finch INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Kenneth L Fulcher INDIVIDUAL
$360.00 Adam a Lucas INDIVIDUAL
$360.00 Amy Nance INDIVIDUAL
$360.00 Charles Bennett Chambers INDIVIDUAL
$360.00 Ennis Wright for Sheriff Committee ENTITY
$360.00 Robert D Taylor INDIVIDUAL
$300.00 Henley S Hales INDIVIDUAL
$300.00 Joe Callis INDIVIDUAL
$280.00 Brian R Thompson INDIVIDUAL
$280.00 Dennis Thomas INDIVIDUAL
$280.00 Randall S Williams INDIVIDUAL
$280.00 Rudolph L Huff Jr INDIVIDUAL
$280.00 Thomas R Prewitt INDIVIDUAL
$240.00 Michael Smith INDIVIDUAL
$220.00 Rhonda J Bruckner INDIVIDUAL
$200.00 Aggregated Individual Contribution INDIVIDUAL
$200.00 Brian C Fulcher INDIVIDUAL
$200.00 Frank Snow INDIVIDUAL
$200.00 Garrett L Fulcher INDIVIDUAL
$200.00 Rhonda Thomas INDIVIDUAL
$200.00 Willie M Dickens INDIVIDUAL
$180.00 William Faircloth INDIVIDUAL