Bobby Kimbrough

$53,684Total Donations
$43,828Total Expenditures

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$5,600.00 L David Mounts INDIVIDUAL
$5,000.00 Christopher Shumate INDIVIDUAL
$5,000.00 Corey Phillips INDIVIDUAL
$5,000.00 Mary Stone INDIVIDUAL
$5,000.00 Rj Phillips INDIVIDUAL
$2,500.00 Daniel Storie INDIVIDUAL
$2,500.00 Matt Lewis INDIVIDUAL
$2,220.54 Mercedes Miller INDIVIDUAL
$2,000.00 Michael Grace INDIVIDUAL
$2,000.00 Selester Stewart Jr INDIVIDUAL
$1,500.00 Mercedes Miller ENTITY
$1,000.00 Christopher Clifton INDIVIDUAL
$700.00 Rocky Joyner INDIVIDUAL
$550.00 Travis Broughton INDIVIDUAL
$535.00 Susan Frye INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 David Botchin INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Graham Bennett INDIVIDUAL
$450.00 Karen Boydston INDIVIDUAL
$400.00 Albert Moore INDIVIDUAL
$400.00 Elect Danny Rogers for Sheriff ENTITY
$400.00 Jimmy Barnhill INDIVIDUAL
$375.00 Coretta Bigelow INDIVIDUAL
$350.00 Gayle Anderson INDIVIDUAL
$300.00 Christopher Idol INDIVIDUAL
$300.00 Devonda Mcclain INDIVIDUAL