No Coast Workshop
$2,788,061Total Received

This organization has been paid by the candidates and committees listed below.

Total Payments
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$83,545.05 Laurie Pryor Laurie Pryor for State House
$76,275.87 Carlie Kotyza Witthuhn Carlie (Kotyza-Witthuhn) for House
$75,391.87 Robert Bierman Robert Bierman for MN House
$67,563.71 Steve Cwodzinski Steve Cwodzinski for State Senate
$66,125.67 Kelly Morrison Kelly Morrison for Minnesota Senate
$63,231.70 Jeff Brand Brand (Jeff) for House
$61,665.72 Patty Acomb Acomb (Patty) for House Committee
$61,270.30 Aleta Borrud Aleta (Borrud) for MN Senate
$58,203.60 Kelly Morrison Kelly Morrison for Minnesota House
$57,817.45 Rick Hansen People for (Rick) Hansen
$56,519.74 Ami Wazlawik Wazlawik (Ami) Volunteer Committee
$53,885.62 Aric Putnam Aric (Putnam) for MN
$51,465.83 Shelly Christensen Shelly (Christensen) for House
$50,019.55 Ann Johnson Stewart Campaign of Ann Johnson Stewart
$48,057.42 Clarice Grabau Clarice Grabau for Senate
$46,976.06 Heather M Edelson Heather Edelson for House
$46,596.07 Gretchen Piper Gretchen Piper for Minnesota Senate
$46,484.68 Jamie Becker Finn Becker-Finn (Jamie) for House
$45,961.08 Karla Bigham Karla Bigham for State Senate
$45,856.05 Amir Joseph Malik Malik (Amir) for Minnesota
$44,357.98 Erin B Preese Erin (Preese) for Minnesota
$43,655.75 Kelly Moller Volunteers for Kelly Moller
$42,963.49 Anne Claflin Committee to Elect Anne Claflin
$41,618.01 Jessica Hanson Committee for Jess Hanson for House
$41,555.88 Robert Ecklund Rob Ecklund for 3a Rep