Political Action Committees

$315,893,235Total Contributions
$491,335,081Total Expenditures
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Total Donations
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Total Expenditures
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MN DFL State Central Committee $44,565,660.43$54,173,781.90
DGA Victory Fund $21,988,344.89$13,727,772.23
Alliance for a Better Minnesota Action Fund $17,851,614.90$18,346,865.97
DFL House Caucus $16,454,893.34$30,187,929.31
Education Minn PAC $14,376,400.57$24,297,381.78
DFL Senate Caucus $13,775,360.96$32,493,654.92
Deloitte PAC $13,036,987.32$11,835,655.41
2022 Fund (Fka 2018 Fund) $12,488,750.00$33,397,531.60
Win Minnesota Political Action Fund $9,878,738.44$21,962,864.63
Senate Victory Fund (Svf) $8,061,573.91$9,671,662.98
Hrcc $7,956,534.74$7,309,138.03
Dlcc Victory Fund $7,848,039.69$10,835,672.31
Republican Party of Minn $5,966,829.31$6,684,277.11
Seiu Minn State Council Political Fund $5,700,024.93$14,992,152.65
Laborers District Council of Minn & Nd Pol Fund $5,482,495.24$12,801,187.01
Afscme Council 5 People Fund $4,981,825.07$7,908,969.67
Advance Minnesota Independent Expenditure Committee $3,881,275.90$2,636,859.58
Minnesota Victory PAC $3,785,229.00$3,785,229.00
MN AFL-CIO $3,717,795.13$6,187,428.30
Planned Parenthood of Minn Pol Action Fund $3,549,174.90$3,732,399.62
Pro Jobs Majority $3,122,008.44$3,678,397.93
Coalition of Minnesota Businesses Iepc $3,040,981.23$4,305,898.86
Freedom Club State PAC $2,927,743.44$3,018,212.68
MN Jobs Coalition Legislative Fund $2,910,541.96$2,410,056.66
Afscme $2,743,722.23$8,715,184.00