Practical Political Consulting Inc
$187,232Total Received

This organization has been paid by the candidates and political action committees (PACs) listed below.

Total Payments (Click to sort Ascending)Candidate (Click to sort Ascending)PAC (Click to sort Ascending)
$25,000.00 Keep Michigan Safe
$14,128.88 Michelle Rick Judge Michelle Rick for Michigan Court of Appeals
$13,500.00 Clarence Dass The Friends of Clarence Dass
$12,263.93 Shri Thanedar Shri Thanedar for Michigan
$9,200.00 Ingham County Democratic Executive Committee
$7,612.50 Keeley Blanchard Committee to Elect Keeley Blanchard
$7,241.55 Nicholas Hathaway Committee to Elect Nicholas John Hathaway
$6,750.00 Small Business Association of Michigan PAC II (Superpac)
$6,604.00 Brian Mosallam Committee to Elect Brian Mosallam
$5,750.00 Committee to Elect Mark Nelson District Judge
$5,400.00 Keep Judge Mona Armstrong
$5,300.00 Bernhardt Chris Christenson Friends of Bernhardt Chris Christenson
$4,000.00 Steven Marino Citizens for Steve Marino
$3,500.00 Larry Inman Inman Recall Committee (Superpac)
$3,450.00 Mike Hodges Friends of Mike Hodges
$3,413.06 Jaimie Horowitz Friends of Jaimie Powell Horowitz
$3,350.00 Craig Pappin Committee to Elect Craig Pappin
$3,300.00 Chokwe Pitchford Chokwe Pitchford for 79th District House of Representatives
$3,200.00 Tabitha Marsh Cte Tabitha Marsh Flint District Judge
$3,100.00 Michael G Mitchell Committee to Elect Michael G Mitchell
$3,000.00 Macomb County Democratic Executive Committee
$2,948.00 Lorie Savin Lorie Savin for Circuit Judge Committee
$2,730.35 Elisabeth Mullins Committee to Elect Elisabeth M Mullins for Judge
$2,500.00 David Palmer David Palmer for Detroit Ecorse and River Rouge
$2,500.00 Graham Filler Graham Filler for State Representative