Inner Workings Inc
$55,372Total Received

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$7,056.63 Mark Huizenga Chicago09/02/2021Consultation, ResearchCAN
$4,565.36 Mark Huizenga Grand Rapids05/04/2018UnknownCAN
$3,445.00 Mark Huizenga Chicago11/01/2021Consultation, ResearchCAN
$3,069.71 Mark Huizenga Chicago10/04/2021Consultation, ResearchCAN
$2,835.50 Mark Huizenga Chicago06/02/2021Independent ContractorsCAN
$2,691.00 Mark Huizenga Chicago09/07/2021Consultation, ResearchCAN
$2,501.60 Mark Huizenga Chicago07/18/2021Mailing,postage,bulk RateCAN
$2,241.90 Mark Huizenga Chicago07/15/2021Mailing,postage,bulk RateCAN
$2,138.29 Mark Huizenga Grand Rapids04/26/2018UnknownCAN
$2,125.00 Mark Huizenga Grand Rapids11/17/2020Mailing,postage,bulk RateCAN
$2,079.04 Mark Huizenga Chicago05/14/2021Independent ContractorsCAN
$2,079.04 Mark Huizenga Chicago06/01/2021Independent ContractorsCAN
$2,040.50 Mark Huizenga Chicago11/08/2021Consultation, ResearchCAN
$1,521.92 Mark Huizenga Chicago10/19/2021Consultation, ResearchCAN
$1,446.26 Mark Huizenga Grand Rapids08/21/2020Print AdvertisingCAN
$1,428.99 Mark Huizenga Chicago07/15/2021Print AdvertisingCAN
$1,356.80 Mark Huizenga Grand Rapids08/14/2020Print AdvertisingCAN
$1,261.40 Mark Huizenga Grand Rapids10/16/2018UnknownCAN
$1,049.40 Mark Huizenga Grand Rapids03/30/2018UnknownCAN
$907.13 Mark Huizenga Chicago06/07/2021Independent ContractorsCAN
$865.42 Mark Huizenga Chicago03/15/2021Print AdvertisingCAN
$826.80 Mark Huizenga Grand Rapids10/16/2018UnknownCAN
$733.65 Mark Huizenga Chicago03/25/2021Print AdvertisingCAN
$583.00 Mark Huizenga Chicago03/08/2021Print AdvertisingCAN
$490.45 Mark Huizenga Chicago06/30/2021Print AdvertisingCAN