Political Action Committees

$171,499,986Total Contributions
$200,105,920Total Expenditures
PAC (Click to sort Ascending)Total Donations (Click to sort Ascending)Total Expenditures (Click to sort Ascending)
Voters Not Politicians Ballot Committee $16,264,157.06$16,322,691.95
Michigan Republican Party $10,440,382.77$14,213,934.82
House Republican Campaign Committee $4,900,264.48$8,303,476.76
RGA Michigan 2018 (Superpac) $4,759,000.00$4,758,349.25
Promote the Vote $4,715,545.34$4,667,474.39
Senate Republican Campaign Committee $4,539,925.86$7,988,429.46
Uaw Michigan Voluntary PAC $4,291,500.00$4,237,855.95
Clean Energy Healthy Michigan $4,200,100.00$4,416,184.59
Democratic State Central Committee $3,650,057.37$865,685.62
Michigan House Democratic Fund $3,590,934.16$4,973,599.26
Protect My Vote $3,237,189.00$5,438,476.40
Conservation Voters of Michigan PAC- (Superpac) $3,014,400.00$2,987,460.64
Michigan Leadership Committee PAC (Superpac) $2,752,820.00$5,196,964.66
Better Jobs Stronger Families PAC (Superpac) $2,712,140.00$4,765,704.71
MI Time to Care $2,535,048.00$2,537,442.80
Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol $2,446,649.67$2,454,085.75
Healthy and Productive Michigan $2,433,793.72$2,429,441.94
Marathon Petroleum Corporation Employees PAC $2,349,469.82$2,527,302.56
United We Can Michigan (Superpac) $2,338,434.24$2,338,619.75
Michigan Senate Democratic Fund $2,068,747.52$7,966,476.88
Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters PAC $1,855,703.46$1,782,593.95
New Approach PAC - MI (Superpac) $1,841,391.93$1,841,391.93
Protecting Michigan Taxpayers $1,821,525.00$1,749,743.55
Michigan One Fair Wage $1,654,634.64$1,430,903.87
Michigan Freedom Fund (Superpac) $1,556,536.30$1,556,536.30