Political Action Committees

$75,174,498Total Contributions
$49,145,399Total Expenditures
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Total Expenditures
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House Republican Campaign Committee $4,330,160.00$180,560.61
Michiganders for Fair Lending $4,131,254.00$2,123,057.40
Democratic State Central Committee $3,864,112.83$318,299.60
Senate Republican Campaign Committee $3,863,512.93$501,800.23
Let MI Kids Learn $3,351,055.00$2,627,293.43
Protect MI Vote $2,800,000.00$2,702,772.15
Michigan House Democratic Fund $2,515,382.92$387,971.13
Promote the Vote 2022 $2,456,411.25$1,144,004.59
Michigan Senate Democratic Fund $2,106,196.83$581,286.09
Raise the Wage MI $1,808,110.00$1,802,370.94
Michigan Republican Party $1,781,844.04$2,143,336.01
Reproductive Freedom for All $1,402,457.80$1,207,540.99
Realtors PAC of Michigan $1,194,550.87$940,678.26
Secure MI Vote $1,174,344.00$1,175,958.01
Unlock Michigan $1,131,947.49$1,133,054.41
Get Michigan Working Again (Superpac) $1,067,750.00$769,157.07
Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters PAC $979,406.10$653,699.45
Michigan Action $898,334.55$891,198.29
Yes on National Popular Vote of Michigan $875,220.16$569,142.78
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan PAC $832,936.41$587,884.58
Michigan Laborers Political League $791,374.86$841,983.41
Michigan Sugar Company Growers PAC $696,556.25$467,650.00
Michigan Beer and Wine Wholesalers State PAC $691,505.59$673,849.00
Meijer PAC $582,257.50$440,450.00
Michigan Strong (Superpac) $553,000.00$243,688.27