Political Action Committees
$97,069,224Total Contributions
$87,581,792Total Expenditures
PAC (Click to sort Ascending)Total Donations (Click to sort Ascending)Total Expenditures (Click to sort Ascending)
House Republican Campaign Committee $7,178,505.93$6,475,437.26
Michigan House Democratic Fund $5,001,299.23$5,745,456.12
Democratic State Central Committee $3,972,821.66$1,598,442.27
Senate Republican Campaign Committee $3,846,768.59$1,280,390.17
Uaw Michigan Voluntary PAC $3,304,627.00$928,695.00
Justice for All (Superpac) $2,641,720.00$2,382,297.82
Michigan Republican Party $2,234,965.93$3,555,823.55
Progress Michigan Political Action Fund (Superpac) $1,977,790.00$1,602,285.53
Fair and Equal Michigan $1,574,503.71$1,516,400.14
Realtors PAC of Michigan $1,425,633.71$991,633.51
Conservation Voters of Michigan PAC- (Superpac) $1,414,600.00$2,048,967.63
Working Together for a Better Michigan $1,398,685.00$968,250.00
Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters PAC $1,361,785.11$1,348,549.99
Michigan Planned Parenthood Votes (Superpac) $1,313,750.00$1,170,438.13
Michigan Senate Democratic Fund $1,182,007.68$699,114.12
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan PAC $1,169,128.92$1,053,416.31
Republican State Leadership Committee - Michigan PAC $1,058,950.00$1,058,950.00
Michigan Laborers Political League $1,038,726.41$936,601.33
Chatfield Majority Fund $1,010,265.00$1,005,491.12
Michigan Beer and Wine Wholesalers State PAC $996,783.15$832,315.00
For Our Future Michigan (Superpac) $989,000.00$86,254.74
Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee $976,187.95$981,882.31
Unlock Michigan $938,916.11$1,106,997.56
Michigan Chamber PAC III (Superpac) $917,200.00$1,509,535.93
Chatfield Majority Fund 2 $870,650.00$865,787.95