Senate Republican Campaign Committee
Michigan Political Action Committee
$3,976,899Total Contributions
$1,301,176Total Expenditures

This page displays the cumulative amount given by these donors to this political action committee during the selected election cycle.

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$167,900.00 Maria and Doug Devos INDIVIDUAL
$164,950.00 Compete Michigan PAC ENTITY
$90,000.00 James Stamas ENTITY
$83,950.00 Daniel Devos INDIVIDUAL
$83,950.00 JC Huizenga INDIVIDUAL
$83,950.00 Pamella Devos INDIVIDUAL
$83,950.00 Richard M Devos Jr INDIVIDUAL
$83,950.00 Stephen Ehmann INDIVIDUAL
$83,950.00 Suzanne Cheryl Devos INDIVIDUAL
$81,975.00 Michael Shirkey ENTITY
$81,975.00 Senate Majority PAC (Superpac) ENTITY
$81,000.00 Ronald Weiser INDIVIDUAL
$80,000.00 Bill Young (Plymouth) INDIVIDUAL
$80,000.00 Dte Energy Company PAC ENTITY
$80,000.00 Matthew T Moroun INDIVIDUAL
$75,000.00 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan PAC ENTITY
$65,100.00 Michigan Beer and Wine Wholesalers State PAC ENTITY
$65,000.00 Meijer PAC ENTITY
$65,000.00 Paul Gentilozzi INDIVIDUAL
$63,800.00 Wayne Schmidt ENTITY
$62,000.00 Aric Nesbitt ENTITY
$56,200.00 Curtis VanderWall ENTITY
$56,100.00 Mac PAC ENTITY
$50,000.00 Ronald Boji INDIVIDUAL
$45,000.00 Michigan Bankers Association Mibankpac - State ENTITY