Parents Not Politicians
Michigan Committee
$9,161Total Contributions
$7,997Total Expenditures

This page displays the cumulative amount given by these contributors to this committee during the selected election cycle.

Total Contributions
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$7,000.00 Livingston County Gop ENTITY
$500.00 Nikki Snyder INDIVIDUAL
$400.00 John Conely INDIVIDUAL
$250.00 Connie Robinson INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Charles Wright INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Daniel Wholihan INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 John Conely INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Wes Nakagiri INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 David Tharp INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Denise Thornton INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Elizabeth Bonner INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Gegory Knapp INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Joanie Econom INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Marcia Dicks INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Mary Beth Potrykus INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Melissa Scherpenisse INDIVIDUAL
$40.00 Meghan Reckling INDIVIDUAL
$25.00 Alicia Urbain INDIVIDUAL
$25.00 Brenda Plank INDIVIDUAL
$25.00 Joseph Farkas INDIVIDUAL
$25.00 Mark Reckling INDIVIDUAL
$25.00 Riki Carson INDIVIDUAL
$10.00 Gene Haymaker INDIVIDUAL
$10.00 Justine Bidigare INDIVIDUAL
$10.00 Kathy Jacksey INDIVIDUAL