Michigan Society of Hematology and Oncology
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$8,274Total Contributions
$784Total Expenditures
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$5,000.00 Thomas Gribbin INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Timothy Cox INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Mohammed Ogaily INDIVIDUAL
$350.00 Joann Hirth INDIVIDUAL
$250.00 Andrew Muskovitz INDIVIDUAL
$200.00 Carrie Dul INDIVIDUAL
$200.00 Jerome Seid INDIVIDUAL
$200.00 Jerome Winegarden INDIVIDUAL
$150.00 Kathleen Laraia INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Deborah Griffin INDIVIDUAL
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Total Expenditures
$500.00 Committee to Elect Curt Vander ENTITY
$250.00 Samantha Steckloff INDIVIDUAL
$7.55 Andrew Muskovitz INDIVIDUAL
$6.10 Jerome Winegarden INDIVIDUAL
$5.30 Jerome Seid INDIVIDUAL
$4.65 Kathleen Laraia INDIVIDUAL
$3.20 Deborah Griffin INDIVIDUAL
$2.81 Mary Kay Makarewicz INDIVIDUAL
$1.75 Daniel Isaac INDIVIDUAL
$1.75 Sharon Pronger INDIVIDUAL
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