Coalition for Common Sense Political Action Committee
Indiana Political Action Committee
$22,171Total Contributions
$13,258Total Expenditures

This page displays the cumulative amount given by these donors to this political action committee during the selected election cycle.

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$1,180.00 Maria Guarraci INDIVIDUAL
$1,150.24 Unitemized Contributions ENTITY
$1,000.00 Daniel H Mallmann INDIVIDUAL
$840.00 Maria Guarraci INDIVIDUAL
$750.00 Asad Ansari INDIVIDUAL
$750.00 Christina Barnes INDIVIDUAL
$750.00 Michael Niemier INDIVIDUAL
$550.00 Mike Chapple INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Austin Ray INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Lauren Das INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Linda Doshi INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Peter Barnes INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Rashid Khan INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Saira Rahman INDIVIDUAL
$485.06 Peter Barnes INDIVIDUAL
$474.90 Warren Von Eschenbach INDIVIDUAL
$349.00 Eric Schopmeyer INDIVIDUAL
$300.00 Naomi Lightburn INDIVIDUAL
$300.00 Wahaj Zaidi INDIVIDUAL
$300.00 Zuhair Yaseen INDIVIDUAL
$275.00 Mary A Barrett INDIVIDUAL
$250.00 Aaron Striegel INDIVIDUAL
$250.00 Dan Barrett INDIVIDUAL
$250.00 Elizabeth Barrett INDIVIDUAL
$250.00 Maher Abu-Hamdan INDIVIDUAL