Political Action Committees

$711,589,758Total Contributions
$661,223,216Total Expenditures
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Total Expenditures
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Republican Party of Florida $77,477,435.53$77,431,059.76
Florida Democratic Party $64,457,731.15$52,942,248.41
Voters In Charge $46,151,662.59$44,897,984.18
Forward Florida $38,388,828.15$34,465,576.04
Marsy's Law for Florida $37,252,863.00$33,691,745.83
Florida Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee, Inc. $36,520,382.59$35,705,518.53
Floridians for a Fair Democracy, Inc. $26,488,933.62$20,645,325.27
Florida Grown PC $23,095,925.90$27,254,362.04
Citizens for the Truth About Amendment 3, Inc. $16,036,173.42$15,888,232.04
Florida Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee $15,611,856.49$15,000,971.40
Amendment 2 is for Everybody $11,040,786.50$10,857,998.93
All About Florida $9,520,873.40$9,467,203.25
Jobs for Florida $7,801,439.91$7,945,334.88
Florida Facts $7,614,321.72$7,610,259.86
Watchdog PAC $6,933,978.15$6,402,889.05
Realtors Political Advocacy Committee $6,631,326.35$6,909,349.94
NextGen Climate Action Committee $5,608,100.00$3,454,050.00
Florida Defense Fund $5,241,025.00$5,241,025.00
Florida Jobs PAC $5,002,754.50$5,147,130.97
Diversity... The Key to the American Dream PAC $5,000,000.00-$3,922,315.06
Treasure Florida $4,980,312.57$4,700,440.42
Voice of Florida Business Political Action Committee $4,658,600.09$4,772,922.96
Innovate Florida $4,457,940.16$4,577,801.65
Win Justice $4,345,146.00$1,983,268.36
Let's Get To Work $3,892,173.38$5,705,325.29