Political Action Committees

$1,576,158,914Total Contributions
$1,366,702,447Total Expenditures
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Total Expenditures
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Republican Party of Florida $138,219,260.74$134,726,394.89
Florida Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee, Inc. $93,803,446.47$74,999,164.70
Florida Democratic Party $87,738,422.08$75,410,411.35
Florida Voters in Charge $75,564,100.00$74,105,796.34
Voters In Charge $46,151,662.59$44,941,039.49
Florida Education Champions $41,358,060.77$36,844,095.48
Standing Up for Florida, Inc. $40,005,100.00$39,740,144.88
Forward Florida $38,887,393.18$38,191,926.36
Marsy's Law for Florida $37,150,081.87$33,643,004.85
Florida Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee $30,035,597.78$28,442,635.65
Floridians for a Fair Democracy, Inc. $26,517,275.42$20,960,205.55
Realtors Political Advocacy Committee $24,337,685.28$21,596,188.35
Florida Grown PC $23,095,925.90$27,261,590.44
Jobs for Florida $18,311,961.84$17,820,065.50
Citizens for the Truth About Amendment 3, Inc. $15,893,173.42$15,893,173.42
People Against Regulatory Legislation Addressing You PC $15,000,206.02$206.02
Forward Majority Action Florida $12,264,500.00$12,264,500.03
Housing for Hometown Heroes $11,889,290.52$5,483,769.81
Amendment 2 is for Everybody $11,040,786.50$11,012,391.50
Florida Prosperity Fund $10,910,281.02$10,974,192.32
Florida House Republican Campaign Committee $10,061,047.36$6,703,374.58
Voters in Control, Inc. $10,005,435.26$10,000,149.85
Voice of Florida Business Political Action Committee $9,998,450.09$9,988,400.96
Florida Justice PAC $9,792,933.56$9,145,074.09
All About Florida $9,520,873.40$9,469,289.00