$160,375,785Total Contributions
$127,388,647Total Expenditures
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Total Contributions
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Total Expenditures
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Smart & Safe Florida $19,550,000.00$20,406,944.26
Republican Party of Florida $13,165,147.11$12,674,449.45
Florida Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee, Inc. $10,140,955.17$2,824,793.87
Floridians Protecting Freedom, Inc. $9,736,904.24$8,792,600.56
Keep Florida Free PC $5,518,995.81$65,079.70
Realtors Political Advocacy Committee $5,350,009.27$3,912,359.25
Florida Justice PAC $4,506,393.04$5,103,711.02
Building a Better Economy PC $3,028,169.20$6,555,685.68
Florida House Republican Campaign Committee $2,806,588.55$210,570.39
Florida Democratic Party $2,346,300.91$1,243,299.82
Proven Leadership for Miami-Dade County PC $1,647,122.00$217,514.13
Common Voices $1,505,327.78$205,402.16
Living Life With Purpose $1,489,572.73$326,587.80
Florida Chamber of Commerce PAC $1,406,778.00$1,352,487.12
Empower Parents Florida $1,354,821.25$96,663.37
Honest Leadership $1,343,716.08$1,323,637.30
Conservatives For Principled Leadership $1,240,456.39$466,381.23
Conservatives for a Better Florida $1,221,477.00$161,952.84
Associated Industries of Florida for Free Enterprise $1,183,500.00$734,311.76
Miami Realtors PAC $1,168,332.73$858,729.34
OD-EYEPAC $1,140,255.02$1,245,757.23
Miami For Everyone $1,000,000.00$3,159,174.00
Panhandle Prosperity $914,680.49$332,187.09
FTBA Transportation PAC $884,511.00$460,000.00
Associated Industries of Florida for Economic Growth $862,000.00$710,326.04