$774,216Total Contributions
$1,610,553Total Expenditures
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Candidate (Click to sort Ascending)Office Held/Sought (Click to sort Ascending)District (Click to sort Ascending)Total Donations (Click to sort Ascending)Total Expenditures (Click to sort Ascending)
Ron DeSantis Governor$706,292.87$1,350.00
Ed Hooper State Senate16$27,500.00$0.00
Benjamin Frank Diamond House of Representatives68$16,000.00$23,541.09
Ashley Moody Attorney General$11,000.00$11,384.95
Ray Rodrigues State Senate27$10,000.00$2,842.75
Randy Fine House of Representatives53$9,000.00$35,527.22
Spencer Roach House of Representatives79$7,500.00$13,352.20
Colleen Burton House of Representatives40$2,500.00$28,099.51
Dan Daley House of Representatives97$2,000.00$13,859.36
Tommy A Wright State Senate14$1,000.00$434.00
David Smith House of Representatives28$500.00$1,730.25
Andy Mele House of Representatives71$195.30$0.00
Lloyd Edwin Dabbs House of Representatives52$50.00-$1,534.54
Shawn Michael Williams House of Representatives78$49.00$722.49
Joshua Lopez House of Representatives77$35.00$25.00
Brian Staver House of Representatives38$30.00$0.00
Randolph Bracy III State Senate11$0.21$9,143.76
Barbara Byram House of Representatives22$0.02$584.23
Robert Chuck Brannan III House of Representatives10$0.00$59,233.51
Traci Koster House of Representatives64$0.00$58,368.67
Bob Lynch House of Representatives116$0.00$49,294.95
Patt Maney House of Representatives4$0.00$48,917.69
Cyndi Stevenson House of Representatives17$0.00$46,657.19
Jason Fischer House of Representatives16$0.00$38,918.32
John Franklin Snyder House of Representatives82$0.00$37,766.50