Gould & Orellana LLC
$506,386Total Received

This organization has been paid by the candidates and political action committees (PACs) listed below.

Total Payments
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$46,707.75 Mike Gipson Gipson for Assembly 2022
$40,217.77 Miguel Santiago Santiago for Assembly 2022
$28,417.50 Vinson Eugene Allen Dr Allen for Insurance Commissioner 2022
$20,000.00 Anthony Portantino Portantino for Senate 2020
$19,847.20 Portantino for Superintendent of Public Instruction 2026
$19,750.00 Richard Bloom Bloom for Supervisor 2022
$18,000.00 Moving California Forward a Committee Controlled by Anthony Portantino
$15,376.89 Seydi Alejandra Morales Seydi Alejandra Morales for CA Senate 2022
$15,250.00 Elizabeth Alcantar Elizabeth Alcantar for Assembly 2022
$11,754.45 Richard Bloom Bloom for Assembly 2022
$10,989.32 Democratic Party of Orange County
$8,969.20 Robert Garcia Robert Garcia for LT Governor 2026
$8,912.25 7-Eleven Franchisee's PAC
$8,284.10 Cathleen Galgiani Senator Galgiani Officeholder 2016
$8,250.00 Angie Reyes English Angie Reyes English for Assembly 2022
$8,000.00 Robert Garcia Robert Garcia Officeholder Account
$7,811.97 Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs Pic
$7,250.00 Al Austin Al Austin for Assembly 2022
$7,050.00 Grassroots Democrats Hq State
$7,036.28 Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs State PAC
$7,000.00 Mike Gipson Gipson for Assembly 2020
$6,914.00 Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley
$6,829.10 Antonio Vazquez Vazquez for State Board of Equalization 2022
$6,776.05 Cathleen Galgiani Galgiani for State Controller 2022
$6,550.00 Ryan Dibble Ryan Dibble for Judge 2022