Political Action Committees

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$1,562,272,612Total Expenditures
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Stop the Republican Recall of Governor Newsom $73,209,379.46$126,246,916.75
Seiu Cope (Service Employees International Union Committee on Political Education) (Fed PAC Id #C00004036) $67,606,841.63$47,376,653.49
Yes on 26 No on 27 - Coalition for Safe Responsible Gaming Sponsored by California Indian Tribes $61,511,093.16$61,266,450.72
Actblue California $45,915,420.03$39,527.90
Californians for Tribal Sovereignty and Safe Gaming Sponsored by Tribal Organizations $41,108,631.55$50.00
Stop yet Another Dangerous Dialysis Proposition Sponsored by Patients Doctors Nurses and Dialysis Providers $36,697,167.00$3,384,987.18
California Democratic Party $32,109,138.73$25,243,639.92
Californians for Community Safety Equality and Reinvestment Sponsored by Tribal Organizations $23,087,205.79$100.00
Californians Against Pandemics Sponsored by Public Health Nonprofit Organizations $21,507,585.00$50.00
California Hospitals Committee on Issues (Chci) Sponsored by California Association of Hospitals and Health Systems (Cahhs) $15,487,905.48$4,414,788.67
Californians for Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Sponsored by California Homeowners Taxpayers and Businesses $15,288,600.45$25,706,715.50
Students First PAC (PA PAC Id # 2010165) $13,520,000.00$0.00
Service Employees International Union Political Education and Action Fund (Seiu Pea) (Mpo) $13,375,633.87$13,365,464.44
California Republican Party - State $12,550,670.89$12,059,000.55
Clean Air California a Coalition of Rideshare Companies Labor and Environmental Groups $12,348,445.01$23,045,769.74
Guarding Against Pandemics (Nonprofit 501(c)(4)) $12,157,585.00$0.00
United Food and Commercial Workers Active Ballot Club (California) (Fed PAC Id# C00002766) $11,603,544.39$7,839,480.97
drive - Dem Rep Ind Voter Ed (the PAC of the Int'l Brhd of Teamsters) $10,952,142.43$0.00
Working Hero Action for the Living Wage Act $10,881,087.00$14,879,681.71
Coalition to Restore California's Middle Class Including Energy Companies Who Produce Gas Oil Jobs and Pay Taxes $10,658,248.39$3,961,215.55
Service Employees International Union United Healthcare Workers West Political Issues Committee $10,492,283.56$60.00
California Real Estate PAC (Crepac) - California Association of Realtors $10,258,494.58$6,744,212.17
Dignity CA Seiu Local 2015 $10,195,415.32$6,636,843.00
moveonorg Political Action (Fed PAC Id # C00341396) $9,913,151.91$2,974,336.40
Newsom Sponsored by Democratic Governors Association (Fed PAC Id # C00562983); Democratic Action Against the Recall of Governor $9,630,310.47$0.00