Anheuser-Busch Companies LLC
$2,290,133Total Donations

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Total Donations
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$323,500.00 California Democratic Party
$168,448.36 Keep California Golden
$116,000.00 California Republican Party - State
$110,000.00 Californians for Jobs and a Strong Economy
$64,454.00 Fighting for Our Future
$60,000.00 California African American PAC
$60,000.00 California Alliance for Progress and Education an Alliance of Business Organizations
$60,000.00 Protect Constitutional Abortion Rights Supported by Health Care Organizations Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California and Senator Toni Atkins Ballot Measure Committee
$54,800.00 Gavin Newsom Newsom for California Governor 2022
$53,524.66 Lgbt (Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Transgender) Caucus Leadership Fund
$50,000.00 Stop the Republican Recall of Governor Newsom
$45,000.00 Women in Power (Wip PAC)
$39,600.00 Bill Dodd Ballot Measure Committee for Progress Reform & a Stronger California
$25,000.00 California Works: Senator Toni Atkins Ballot Measure Committee
$25,000.00 East Bay United for Bonta for Assembly 2021
$25,000.00 Protect Our Special Needs Population - Assemblymember Jim Frazier's Ballot Measure Committee
$25,000.00 Rendon Ballot Measure Committee to Keep California Competitive
$25,000.00 Valley Solutions: Assemblymember Adam Gray's Ballot Measure Committee
$20,000.00 Committee to Innovate for California's Future Evan Low Ballot Measure Committee
$19,200.00 Uplifting California Families a Controlled Committee by Assemblymember Miguel Santiago
$16,200.00 Rob Bonta Rob Bonta for CA Attorney General 2022
$16,200.00 Toni Atkins Toni Atkins for LT Governor 2026
$15,000.00 Rubio Fighting for California Ballot Measure Committee
$15,000.00 Tom Daly's Ballot Measure Committee for Government Efficiency
$12,800.00 Shirley Weber Shirley Weber for Secretary of State 2022