Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians

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Total Contributions
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$170,000.00 California Democratic Party
$11,000.00 Phil Ting Phil Ting for Treasurer 2026
$9,100.00 Rob Bonta Rob Bonta for CA Attorney General 2026
$5,500.00 James Ramos Re-Elect James Ramos for Assembly 2024
$5,500.00 Miguel Santiago Santiago for Assembly 2024
$2,500.00 Brian Maienschein Maienschein for Attorney General 2030
$2,500.00 Greg Wallis Greg Wallis for Assembly 2024
$2,500.00 Jacqui Irwin Irwin for Assembly 2024
$2,000.00 One California for a Stronger California Chris Holden Ballot Measure Committee
$2,000.00 Bill Essayli Essayli for Assembly 2024
$2,000.00 Brian Jones Senator Brian Jones 2022 Officeholder Account
$2,000.00 Chris Ward Chris Ward for Assembly 2024
$2,000.00 Eduardo Garcia Eduardo Garcia for Assembly 2024
$2,000.00 John Laird John Laird for Senate 2024
$2,000.00 Nancy Skinner Nancy Skinner for Treasurer 2026
$2,000.00 Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh for Senate 2024
$2,000.00 Scott Wilk Wilk for Senate 2020 Officeholder
$2,000.00 Thomas Lackey Lackey for Assembly 2024
$1,500.00 Anna Caballero Thrive California Ballot Measure Committee
$1,500.00 Daly for Insurance Commissioner 2026
$1,500.00 Al Muratsuchi Muratsuchi for Assembly 2024
$1,500.00 Blanca Pacheco Blanca Pacheco for Assembly 2024
$1,500.00 Blanca Rubio Blanca Rubio for Assembly 2024
$1,500.00 Corey Jackson Corey Jackson for Assembly 2024
$1,500.00 Diane Papan Papan for Assembly 2024