Arizona Secretary of State
$98,946Total Received

This organization has been paid by the candidates and political action committees (PACs) listed below.

Total Payments (Click to sort Ascending)Candidate (Click to sort Ascending)PAC (Click to sort Ascending)
$13,672.88 Mark Workman Markworkman4senator
$10,095.00 James O'Connor Write-in Jim O'Connor
$9,610.00 William Mundell Mundell 2020
$9,545.00 Eric Sloan Sloan2020
$9,020.00 Lea Marquez Peterson Vote for Lea Marquez Peterson
$8,250.00 Anna Tovar Tovar for Arizona
$8,250.00 Shea Stanfield Elect Shea Stanfield
$2,820.00 Nick Myers Nick Myers for Corporation Commission
$2,345.00 Pamela Powers Hannley Powers Hannley for House 2020
$1,420.00 Ryan Starzyk Ryan for Arizona
$1,295.00 Jana Jackson Jana Jackson for State Representative - District 28
$1,285.00 Andrea Dalessandro Dalessandro for AZ 2020
$1,280.00 Lynsey Robinson Robinson for Senator
$1,245.00 Wendy L Garcia Wendy Garcia for State Representative - District 22
$1,235.00 Linda Patterson Linda Patterson 4 State Senator - District No 11
$1,230.00 Juan Mendez Mendez for Senate
$1,220.00 Athena Salman Salman for House
$1,215.00 Tatiana Pena Tatiana Pena for AZ
$1,210.00 Ed Cocchiola Ed Cocchiola for State Representative - District 1
$1,205.00 Helen Fokszanskyj Conti Helen Fokszanskyj-Conti for State Representative - District 29
$1,200.00 Barbara Mcguire Barbara Mcguire for State Senator - District No 8
$1,185.00 Justine L Wadsack Justine Wadsack for Arizona State Senator Ld10
$1,185.00 Melody Hernandez Melody Hernandez for State Representative - District 26
$1,160.00 Kimberly Moschetti Kimberly Moschetti for State Representative - District 14
$1,135.00 Billy Bragg Jr Bragg for Ld29