Political Action Committees

$174,620,371Total Contributions
$172,029,657Total Expenditures
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Total Expenditures
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Arizonans for Affordable Electricity $40,385,398.24$38,239,182.94
Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona $24,632,469.74$24,620,236.25
Arizona Democratic Party $11,235,665.11$10,687,107.46
RGA Arizona PAC $11,076,269.75$11,054,175.07
Citizens for Fair Tax Policy $10,000,000.00$9,159,983.35
Republican Party of Arizona LLC $8,809,765.50$8,536,430.12
Chispa AZ PAC $4,193,624.03$4,147,582.31
Lcv Victory Fund $3,856,100.00$3,856,100.00
Arizonans for Sustainable Energy Policy $3,200,000.00$3,200,000.00
Arizona for Freedom PAC $2,909,126.49$2,909,126.49
Ivote Fund Arizona $2,810,407.62$2,810,404.03
Invest in Education Committee $2,538,451.65$2,515,522.18
Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters Issues Committee $2,075,000.00$2,177,770.07
Arizona Pipe Trades 469 $1,700,122.80$1,149,749.92
Arizonans for Great Schools and a Strong Economy $1,542,793.18$1,541,579.42
Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters Legislative Improvement Committee $1,491,440.58$1,242,993.18
The PAC for America's Future - AZ $1,463,459.84$1,146,586.78
Citizens for Accountable Government $1,446,390.12$1,446,049.83
Unite Here Tip State and Local Fund $1,438,867.24$1,438,867.24
Realtors of AZ PAC (Rapac) $1,437,671.58$1,119,976.37
United Food & Commercial Workers Union of AZ Local 99 $1,407,462.83$1,403,377.09
Forward Majority Action 527 AZ PAC $1,283,706.19$1,283,706.19
Pinnacle West Capital Corporation PAC $1,116,259.78$1,089,330.57
Daga Arizona PAC $1,107,416.90$1,107,416.90
Outlaw Dirty Money $1,096,474.85$1,095,621.80