Political Action Committees
$162,972,270Total Contributions
$181,832,575Total Expenditures
PAC (Click to sort Ascending)Total Donations (Click to sort Ascending)Total Expenditures (Click to sort Ascending)
Invest in Education (Sponsored by Aea and Stand for Children) $22,908,982.59$18,455,546.28
Future Now Fund - AZ $10,905,005.29$9,501,768.21
Arizona Democratic Party $9,450,707.40$9,842,820.56
Working Arizona $8,224,385.95$7,434,506.54
Arizonans Fed up with Failing Healthcare (Healthcare Rising AZ) $7,734,627.60$6,968,581.93
Seiu United Healthcare Workers West Political Issues Committee $7,625,010.00$7,625,010.00
Smart and Safe Arizona $5,986,533.55$5,975,929.66
No on 208 $4,940,580.88$4,929,374.76
Arizonans for Second Chances Rehabilitation and Public Safety (Sponsored by Asj Action Fund) $4,671,363.01$4,645,824.98
Arizonans for Great Schools and a Strong Economy $4,328,665.34$4,336,557.95
Chispa AZ PAC $4,326,810.45$4,212,096.05
Arizonans for Fair Elections (Azan) $4,018,100.54$3,957,400.00
Arizonans for Strong Leadership $3,445,847.81$3,361,316.78
Actblue Arizona $3,101,505.21$3,105,782.21
Arizona Pipe Trades 469 $2,816,317.81$2,925,855.24
Somos Votantes - Family Friendly Action Fund $2,783,720.66$2,783,720.66
Forward Majority Action Arizona $2,510,000.00$2,509,646.45
Arizona Families First $2,106,294.96$1,982,529.08
Keeping Arizona Healthy $1,993,712.00$2,371,419.95
Revitalize Arizona $1,733,027.33$1,741,522.88
Residents for Accountability $1,639,857.00$1,734,407.56
Republican Legislative Victory Fund $1,573,340.00$1,564,946.71
Outlaw Dirty Money $1,548,592.58$1,537,759.75
Arizona Republican Party $1,518,991.45$1,232,542.21
Realtors of AZ PAC (Rapac) $1,414,133.56$981,524.85