Political Action Committees
$80,918,302Total Contributions
$69,454,688Total Expenditures
PAC (Click to sort Ascending)Total Donations (Click to sort Ascending)Total Expenditures (Click to sort Ascending)
Arizonans Fed up with Failing Healthcare (Healthcare Rising AZ) $7,149,415.71$6,355,328.38
Seiu United Healthcare Workers West Political Issues Committee $7,032,150.00$7,032,150.00
Future Now Fund - AZ $5,391,243.75$2,400,218.55
Arizona Democratic Party $5,277,726.22$5,014,776.35
Invest in Education (Sponsored by Aea and Stand for Children) $4,678,165.70$468,840.15
Arizonans for Second Chances Rehabilitation and Public Safety (Sponsored by Asj Action Fund) $4,108,182.36$3,891,193.98
Arizonans for Fair Elections (Azan) $4,018,100.54$3,957,400.00
Smart and Safe Arizona $3,479,665.35$3,462,933.88
Arizonans for Strong Leadership $2,604,097.81$573,494.86
Arizona Pipe Trades 469 $2,426,170.23$2,487,290.17
Actblue Arizona $1,829,188.07$1,800,915.50
Outlaw Dirty Money $1,548,592.58$1,533,320.96
Residents for Accountability $1,514,857.00$1,430,607.13
Keeping Arizona Healthy $1,476,712.00$626,116.25
Revitalize Arizona $1,430,071.90$1,533,662.73
Realtors of AZ PAC (Rapac) $1,310,856.82$918,610.18
United Food & Commercial Workers Union of AZ Local 99 $1,146,687.27$1,175,810.00
Arizonans for Financial Freedom (Sponsored by American Encore) $886,000.00$857,637.07
Pinnacle West Capital Corporation PAC $860,839.30$815,920.48
Unite Arizona $807,542.00$757,808.00
Arizona Republican Party $803,477.93$955,996.41
Republican Legislative Victory Fund $775,465.00$168,534.87
Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters Issues Committee $760,575.00$749,353.18
Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters Legislative Improvement Committee $670,555.23$569,261.59
GPL Committee for Arizona Leadership $615,500.00$442,189.91