Unite Here Arizona
Arizona Political Action Committee
$464,254Total Contributions
$587,458Total Expenditures

This page displays the cumulative amounts paid to these persons and organizations by this political action committee.

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Total Expenditures
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$149,162.75 The Strategy Group LLC ENTITY
$58,068.05 Unite Here Local 11 PAC ENTITY
$45,814.24 Kaufman Legal Group ENTITY
$41,800.00 David Binder Research ENTITY
$30,156.13 Internal Revenue Service Federal ENTITY
$20,401.71 Unite Here Arizona ENTITY
$16,391.39 Carly Kirchen ENTITY
$12,050.00 Tiberiu Boca ENTITY
$9,461.76 Vr Research Inc ENTITY
$8,834.28 Toskr Inc ENTITY
$7,546.01 Abrielle Meyer ENTITY
$7,511.01 Rosalba Mata ENTITY
$7,464.10 Magdelena Acosta ENTITY
$7,457.48 Silvia Carreno ENTITY
$6,761.15 Ruth E Marzan ENTITY
$6,411.81 Grubhub Inc ENTITY
$6,285.14 Catherine Castaneda ENTITY
$6,269.18 Robbi Farrell ENTITY
$6,106.21 Maico S Olivares ENTITY
$6,019.26 Ana Diaz ENTITY
$5,632.21 Jawaheh Abbas ENTITY
$4,749.17 Derek Smith ENTITY
$4,706.47 Extended Stay America ENTITY
$4,699.51 Alexander Byrne Rosado ENTITY
$4,671.58 Arizona Department of Revenue ENTITY