Sprint Corporation PAC
Arizona Political Action Committee
$400Total Contributions
$107,456Total Expenditures

This page displays the cumulative amounts paid to these persons and organizations by this political action committee.

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Total Expenditures
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$99,955.99 TMobile USA Inc PAC ENTITY
$500.00 Doug Ducey ENTITY
$500.00 Jeff Weninger ENTITY
$500.00 Mark Brnovich Campaign ENTITY
$400.00 Charlene R Fernandez ENTITY
$400.00 John Allen ENTITY
$400.00 Karen Fann ENTITY
$200.00 Anthony T Kern ENTITY
$200.00 Bob Worsley ENTITY
$200.00 Darin Mitchell ENTITY
$200.00 David Bradley ENTITY
$200.00 Debbie Lesko ENTITY
$200.00 Farnsworth for Senate 2016 ENTITY
$200.00 Gail Griffin ENTITY
$200.00 Jay A Lawrence ENTITY
$200.00 JD Mesnard ENTITY
$200.00 Jill Norgaard ENTITY
$200.00 Kelly Townsend ENTITY
$200.00 Kevin Payne ENTITY
$200.00 Kimberly Yee ENTITY
$200.00 Maria Syms ENTITY
$200.00 Martin J Quezada ENTITY
$200.00 Michelle Ugenti Rita ENTITY
$200.00 Randall Friese ENTITY
$200.00 Rebecca Rios ENTITY