Daniel Barr
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$1,000.00 Arizona Democratic Party 07/05/2020AttorneyPerkins Coie LLP
$1,000.00 Christine Marsh 05/30/2020AttorneyPerkins Coie
$1,000.00 Christine Marsh 08/29/2020AttorneyPerkins Coie
$1,000.00 Aaron Lieberman 10/31/2019AttorneyPerkins Coie
$500.00 Aaron Lieberman 05/31/2020AttorneyPerkins Coie
$500.00 Katie Hobbs 05/06/2019AttorneyPerkins Coie LLP
$500.00 Katie Hobbs 06/11/2019AttorneyPerkins Coie LLP
$500.00 Kelli Butler 05/31/2020AttorneyPerkins Coie LLP
$333.34 Kristin Dybvig Pawelko 10/19/2020AttorneyPerkins Coie
$333.33 Eric Kurland 10/19/2020AttorneyPerkins Coie
$250.00 Kirsten Engel 06/27/2019AttorneyPerkins Coie
$200.00 Christine Marsh 09/20/2020AttorneyPerkins Coie
$200.00 Coral Evans 06/09/2020AttorneyPerkins Coie
$200.00 Coral Evans 08/29/2020AttorneyPerkins Coie LLP
$200.00 Coral Evans 09/20/2020AttorneyPerkins Coie
$200.00 Felicia French 06/09/2020AttorneyPerkins Coie
$200.00 Felicia French 08/29/2020AttorneyPerkins Coie
$200.00 Felicia French 09/20/2020AttorneyPerkins Coie
$200.00 Judy Schwiebert 06/09/2020AttorneyPerkins Coie
$200.00 Judy Schwiebert 06/10/2020AttorneyPerkins Coie
$200.00 Judy Schwiebert 08/29/2020AttorneyPerkins Coie
$200.00 Judy Schwiebert 09/20/2020AttorneyPerkins Coie
$200.00 Kathy Knecht 06/09/2020AttorneyPerkins Coie
$200.00 Kathy Knecht 08/29/2020AttorneyPerkins Coie
$200.00 Kathy Knecht 09/20/2020AttorneyPerkins Coie