Citizens Clean Election Commission
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Total Donations
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$110,733.00 Kathy Hoffman Elect Kathy Hoffman for Superintendent
$110,698.00 Kevin Thompson Kevin Thompson for Corporation Commissioner
$110,698.00 Kim Owens Committee to Elect Kim Owens
$110,698.00 Lauren Kuby Lauren Kuby for Corporation Commission
$110,698.00 Nick Myers Nick Myers for Corporation Commissioner
$110,698.00 Sandra D Kennedy Kennedy for Corporation Commissioner 2022
$110,698.00 Shiry Sapir Vote Sapir
$43,233.00 Leezah Sun Leezah Sun for AZ State Representative - Ld19
$25,940.00 Anna Lynn Abeytia Abeytia for AZ
$25,940.00 Cesar Aguilar Cesar Aguilar for State Representative - District 26
$25,940.00 Oscar De Los Santos Oscar for AZ House
$25,940.00 Selina Bliss Selina Bliss for State Representative - District 1
$25,940.00 Shams Abdussamad Shams for AZ
$17,293.00 Anna Orth Elect Anna Orth Committee 2022
$17,293.00 Athena Salman Salman for House
$17,293.00 Cathy Ransom Ransom for House
$17,293.00 Clair Van Steenwyk Clair Van Steenwyk for State Senator - District No 22
$17,293.00 Juan Mendez Juan Mendez for State Senator - District No 26
$17,293.00 Kyle Nitschke Nitschke for AZ State Senate
$17,293.00 Mariana Sandoval Sandoval for Arizona
$17,293.00 Maryn M Brannies Brannies411
$17,293.00 Mike Fogel Mike Fogel for State Senator - District No 1
$17,293.00 Neil Sinclair Sinclair for AZ House
$17,293.00 Sherrylyn Young Young for Arizona
$17,293.00 Stan Caine Stan Caine for State Senator - District No 18