Michelle Udall
Arizona House of Representatives District 25
$48,495Total Donations
$18,244Total Expenditures

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$100.00 Yuma Fresh Vegetable Assn PAC (Former Yuma Vegetable Shippers) ENTITY
$75.00 Chapin Bell INDIVIDUAL
$75.00 Natalie Orne INDIVIDUAL
$75.00 Shawn Maurer INDIVIDUAL
$75.00 TOdd Steffen INDIVIDUAL
$75.00 William Cox INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Barry Aarons INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Ben Barcon INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Calvin Baker INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Charles Sigmund INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Cheyenne Walsh INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Chris Udall INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 David Diana & Cook INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Lana Berry INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Mark Steinmetz INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Michael C Colburn INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Rory Hays INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Stephen Polizzatto INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Steve White INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Thomas Boone INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Vispi Karanjia INDIVIDUAL
$30.00 Jean Crouse INDIVIDUAL
$30.00 Ken Hicks INDIVIDUAL
$30.00 Michael Bradley INDIVIDUAL
$30.00 Thomas O'Neil INDIVIDUAL