Isela Blanc

$45,762Total Donations
$45,762Total Expenditures

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$42,488.00 Citizens Clean Election Commission ENTITY
$640.00 Isela Blanc INDIVIDUAL
$520.78 Isela Blanc INDIVIDUAL
$160.00 Dorel Meier INDIVIDUAL
$160.00 Tyler Kissell INDIVIDUAL
$129.52 Aggregated Unitemized Contributions INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Albert P Gonzales INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 John M Shelton INDIVIDUAL
$51.81 Mendez for Senate ENTITY
$51.81 Salman for House ENTITY
$10.00 Doris Marie Provine ENTITY
$10.00 Jeanne Devine ENTITY
$5.00 Adam Messer ENTITY
$5.00 Adolfo P Echeveste ENTITY
$5.00 Alan Williams ENTITY
$5.00 Alexa Pederson ENTITY
$5.00 Alexis Blanc ENTITY
$5.00 Alice Wilkinson ENTITY
$5.00 Andrea Newhauser ENTITY
$5.00 Andrew Blanc ENTITY
$5.00 Anita Huizar-Hernandez ENTITY
$5.00 Anne Gully ENTITY
$5.00 Anthony Gully INDIVIDUAL
$5.00 Artemis Yanez ENTITY
$5.00 Athena Salman ENTITY