Arlando Teller

$33,773Total Donations
$30,531Total Expenditures

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Total Expenditures
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$7,702.00 Committee to Re-Elect Arlando Teller ENTITY
$3,700.00 Dlcc Arizona ENTITY
$3,668.95 Navajo Times ENTITY
$3,302.00 Navajo Hopi Observer ENTITY
$2,457.00 Ktnn ENTITY
$2,449.00 Aggregated Unitemized Expenditures INDIVIDUAL
$1,500.00 Knnb Radio Station ENTITY
$958.23 Ktnn Radio Station ENTITY
$614.90 Sam's Club ENTITY
$600.00 Central Navajo Fair Parade ENTITY
$456.14 U-Haul Moving and Storage #721037 ENTITY
$425.00 Be Heard Merch Koyai Clauschee ENTITY
$418.77 Super 8 Flagstaff ENTITY
$394.00 Kellen Nicholson INDIVIDUAL
$265.40 Hustle Inc ENTITY
$259.80 Big Lots Stores ENTITY
$166.00 Westin Hotel ENTITY
$164.63 Laquinta Inns & Suites ENTITY
$164.55 Residence Inn Marriott ENTITY
$156.27 Whispering Pines - Pinetop ENTITY
$146.32 Godaddy ENTITY
$133.53 The Home Depot Inc PAC ENTITY
$106.56 Pinetop Brewing Company ENTITY
$87.78 Fat Olives Pizzeria ENTITY
$47.64 Gallup Lumber Ace Hardwar ENTITY