Andrew W. Gould

$1,475,238Total Donations
$1,423,091Total Expenditures

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$20,600.00 Vicki and Jim Click Jr INDIVIDUAL
$15,300.00 Betty McRae INDIVIDUAL
$15,300.00 Robert K and Mary L Barkley INDIVIDUAL
$10,600.00 Connie and Richard Luebke INDIVIDUAL
$10,300.00 Danny Bryant INDIVIDUAL
$10,300.00 Don Luke INDIVIDUAL
$10,000.00 Martin W De Rito INDIVIDUAL
$9,850.00 Molly and William R Assenmacher INDIVIDUAL
$8,000.00 Harry Watters INDIVIDUAL
$6,300.00 Donald Gray INDIVIDUAL
$6,150.00 Jerre Stead INDIVIDUAL
$6,000.00 Dan Grubb INDIVIDUAL
$6,000.00 David Eaton INDIVIDUAL
$6,000.00 Robert Brown INDIVIDUAL
$5,800.00 Jennifer Schlitt INDIVIDUAL
$5,800.00 John Schlitt INDIVIDUAL
$5,675.00 Amanda Garmany INDIVIDUAL
$5,625.00 Jonathan Lines INDIVIDUAL
$5,450.00 Charles Dunlap INDIVIDUAL
$5,300.00 Alys Dunn INDIVIDUAL
$5,300.00 Andrew Marc Cohn INDIVIDUAL
$5,300.00 Anita Theisen INDIVIDUAL
$5,300.00 Ardis Mohrschladt INDIVIDUAL
$5,300.00 Bennett Dorrance INDIVIDUAL
$5,300.00 Brian McCafferty INDIVIDUAL